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The beauty in us

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Reflecting back on 2020, I am reminded of our resilience and adaptability as a global community. The pandemic took us all by surprise and brought us chaos. Life as we knew it was no longer and we had to find a new way of life fast.

In the midst of all the desperation rose heroes and heroines that were concealed in each one of us. We collectively reached out to one another to find ways to be helpful in our own ways. Heroes on the front lines like nurses and doctors but also these in the shadows like mothers and caregivers; especially those in the least developed countries like D.R.Congo.

While I am immensely grateful for what they did and are still doing, I want to celebrate their strength and resilience by promoting their arts. Art that is inspired by the culture and passed down from generation to generation; art that has provided for their families even in the most challenging times; art that is, in fact, the beauty in all of us.

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