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Download Hymn Book Sacred Songs And Solos Hymns

Sacred Songs and Solos is a hymn collection compiled by Ira David Sankey, who partnered Dwight Lyman Moody in a series of evangelical crusades from 1870 until Moody's death in 1898. The collection first appeared in 1873,[1] and has subsequently been published in many editions and formats, expanding to a final volume of 1200 pieces that appeared around 1907. Although the publication was and is popularly known as Sankey and Moody's Songs, or The Sankey-Moody Hymnbook, many of the tunes and lyrics are by other authors, and the volume includes many standard church hymns. Around 200 of the tunes were written or arranged by Sankey.

Download Hymn Book Sacred Songs And Solos Hymns

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FromDodemy:This Sacred Songs And Solos consists of hymns from 1 - 1200. Sometimes, it is called SSS or SS & S or SS&S.; Sacred Songs and Solos consists of hymns of Songs and Solos used in churches by Christians and in other social gatherings where songs and solos are sang. Test it as to point out things that you may want to suggest for improvements. Note: The App is in its early stage of development; if you come across any typos, don't worry as such will be corrected in subsequent updates Download

Sacred Solos: Over 150 sacred solos available via collections or sheet music. Click HERE to download an index to Bible References in Vocal Solos.


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