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IDM UltraEdit V14.00a Plus 1 Incl. Keymaker-CORE Free Full Version

I'm going to have to agree with Scatmanjohn Dingledoo on this one. UE does take a couple of seconds to start up but certainly not ten, and I've got a 2.1ghz dualcore. Chances are the slow startup is a viruschecker, malwarechecker or maybe a work drive located on a network share. UE's definitely the best and most full-featured editor out there but it is starting to get a little bloated. Free stuff? I'd probably go for either Notepad2 with codefolding, or else PSPAD. Notepad++ is off my radar on principle, until the author figures out that it's a bug to have http:// links clickable but https:// ones not (and god I hope Mr Caleval shows up here with his, quote, 'masturbatory' comments - had a great laugh at the one he posted on Notepad++ recently).Another nice editor to try, which starts up pretty much instantaneously: Editplus ( Based purely on two things: startup time, and linespacing being a little tighter than other editors, that's the one I'm using at the moment. At least until the trial period runs out..

IDM UltraEdit v14.00a Plus 1 Incl. Keymaker-CORE full version


I was an UltraEdit user, but some time ago, I migrated to EmEditor.Almost al things in UE has been said: Useless new features, new bugs, old bugs not fixed, lower speed, problems with big files, ...UltraEdit is still my secondaty text editor, only to cover still some missing features on EmEditor, but if you are looking for full unicode support, bigger files capacity and speed, EmEditor is your choice.You can read a small review, plus speed comparinson in spanish here: =entry080228-151009 350c69d7ab


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