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Virtua Cop 3: The Ultimate Guide to Playing the Arcade Hit on Your PC

Virtua Cop 3 Free Full Version Download


Do you love shooting games? Do you want to experience the thrill of being a cop in a futuristic city? If yes, then you should try Virtua Cop 3, the third and final game from Sega's Virtua Cop light gun shooter franchise. Virtua Cop 3 was released exclusively for video arcades in 2003, and it is one of the most popular arcade games of all time. But what if you don't have access to an arcade machine? Don't worry, because in this article, we will show you how to play Virtua Cop 3 on your PC using CXBX-R Chihiro Emulation. You will also learn how to download Virtua Cop 3 for free from a reliable source. By downloading Virtua Cop 3 for free, you will be able to enjoy this amazing game without spending any money or breaking any laws. Sounds good? Then let's get started!

virtua cop 3 free full version download


Virtua Cop 3 retains the same gameplay as its predecessor with players shooting onscreen enemies using a gun controller. The game is divided into three chapters (referred to as Missions) which can be played in any desired order. The game follows Michael "Rage" Hardy, James "Smarty" Cools, and Janet Marshall, as they investigate three crimes performed by Virtua City's new crime syndicate, the ECM.

Virtua Cop 3 introduces a new slow-motion "bullet time" mechanism called "ES mode" which allows players to slow down time by stepping on a special pedal. While in ES mode, time slows down as the player's ES meter is depleted. The meter can be replenished by shooting more enemies. ES mode can be used strategically to avoid bullets, aim more accurately, and take out multiple enemies at once.

Virtua Cop 3 also allows players to toggle between different weapons by pressing a button on the gun instead of having to use just one weapon, as in previous entries in the series. The alternative weapons include the Smith & Wesson Model 629, Benelli M4 Super 90, H&K MP7, and the H&K G36C. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as power, accuracy, rate of fire, and magazine size.


Virtua Cop 3 has three chapters (referred to as Missions) which can be played in any desired order. The game follows Michael "Rage" Hardy, James "Smarty" Cools, and Janet Marshall, as they investigate three crimes performed by Virtua City's new crime syndicate, the ECM.

Simple Mission: Angel Allow

The ECM has taken over a large pharmacy building. Rage and Smarty are dispatched by the VCPD to apprehend the invaders and secure the building. During the pharmacy mission, Rage and Smarty encounter a mysterious man known as "Gale", a ninja with unknown intentions. Proceeding deeper inside the pharmacy research lab, Rage and Smarty encounter a man named "Glitter", who masterminded the invasion. While the VCPD manages to secure the pharmacy building, Janet receives disturbing information that the pharmacy's genetic cloning sample is missing.

Normal Mission: Stray Cat

The ECM is robbing a large bank in downtown Virtua City. The VCPD Riot Squad is no match for the ECM's munitions, prompting Rage and Smarty to assist the disadvantaged riot squad. Once Rage and Smarty spot Brand, the mastermind of the robbery, in the building, a chase ensues, but after Rage and Smarty endure the interference as they make their way out of the building, Gale interrupts them once again. Rage and Smarty survive Gale and pursue the bank robbers, ultimately being pushed towards the subway where Brand is hiding.

Hard Mission: The Lovers

The ECM has kidnapped two scientists who are working on a secret project involving nuclear fusion. Rage and Smarty are sent to rescue them from a heavily guarded warehouse. Along the way, they encounter various ECM members such as Spike, Slash, and Fang. They also discover that Gale is actually working for the ECM and is trying to stop them from rescuing the scientists. After fighting their way through the warehouse, Rage and Smarty reach the final showdown with Gale and his boss Lady X.

Graphics and Sound

Virtua Cop 3 runs on Sega Chihiro arcade hardware and features high-quality graphics and sound effects. The game is available in standard and deluxe cabinet formats and uses a newly designed gun named the Guardian II. The game has realistic environments, detailed character models, dynamic lighting and shadows, and impressive explosions. The game also has a catchy soundtrack composed by Keitaro Hanada and Fumio Ito.

Download and Installation

If you want to play Virtua Cop 3 on your PC for free, you will need two things: a copy of Virtua Cop 3 ROM file and an emulator that can run it. A ROM file is a digital copy of an arcade game that can be played on a computer or other devices using an emulator. An emulator is a software that mimics the functions of an arcade machine or a console.

The best emulator for playing Virtua Cop 3 on your PC is CXBX-R Chihiro Emulation. This emulator can run Sega Chihiro arcade games such as Virtua Cop 3 with high compatibility and performance. You can download CXBX-R Chihiro Emulation from You will need to extract the emulator files to a folder on your PC.

To download Virtua Cop 3 ROM file for free, you can visit This website has many arcade games that you can download for free legally. You will need to download both parts of Virtua Cop 3 ROM file and extract them to a folder on your PC.

To install CXBX-R Chihiro Emulation on your PC and configure it to run Virtua Cop 3, you can follow these steps:

  • Run CXBX-R.exe from the emulator folder.

  • Click on File > Open Chihiro Executable...

  • Browse to the folder where you extracted Virtua Cop 3 ROM file and select default.xbe file.

  • Click on OK.

  • Click on Settings > Video Settings...

  • Select Fullscreen Mode or Windowed Mode according to your preference.