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Lyoto Machida Vs Tito Ortiz Ufc

Lyoto Machida vs Tito Ortiz UFC

Lyoto Machida and Tito Ortiz are two of the most accomplished mixed martial artists in the history of the sport. They faced each other in a highly anticipated bout at UFC 84 on May 24, 2008, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight was thought to be Ortiz's final UFC appearance after a dispute with UFC President Dana White. However, it turned out to be a showcase of Machida's skills and dominance as he defeated Ortiz by unanimous decision.

Fight Summary

The fight was a striking contest, with Machida using his elusive footwork and counterstriking to frustrate Ortiz and keep him at bay. Machida landed low kicks, front kicks, switch kicks, and straight lefts throughout the fight, while avoiding Ortiz's takedown attempts and clinch attempts. Ortiz was unable to close the distance and impose his wrestling and ground-and-pound game on Machida.

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The first round was mostly uneventful, with Machida landing some low kicks and a switch kick that slammed Ortiz to the floor. He followed up with some punches from side control as time expired. The second round was similar, with Machida scoring with a kick to the body and a straight left. Ortiz tried to pull guard, but Machida easily passed to side control and landed some elbows.

The third round was the most exciting, as referee Yves Lavigne slipped and fell as the round began. Ortiz showed some urgency and aggression, landing a punch from the clinch that cut Machida over his right eye. Ortiz came close to scoring a single-leg takedown, but Machida defended well and broke free. With less than two minutes left in the fight, Machida landed a solid knee to the liver that dropped Ortiz to the canvas. Machida pounced on him and tried to finish the fight with punches, but Ortiz showed his heart and resilience by locking up a triangle choke attempt. He then transitioned to an armbar attempt that looked very tight, but Machida managed to escape and survive until the final horn.

All three judges scored the fight 3027 in favor of Machida . After the decision was announced, Ortiz walked towards White; pointed and appeared to direct some verbal malice his way. He then thanked the fans and the UFC for his career in a respectful manner.

Fight Significance

The fight was significant for both fighters' careers and legacies. For Machida, it was his sixth consecutive win in the UFC and his 14th overall. It established him as one of the top contenders in the light heavyweight division and earned him a title shot against Rashad Evans at UFC 98, where he became the new champion by knockout. For Ortiz, it was his fifth loss in his last seven fights and his last fight in his UFC contract. It marked the end of his tumultuous relationship with White and the UFC, where he had been one of the biggest stars and champions in the promotion's history. He later signed with Bellator MMA and continued his career there.

Fight Video

You can watch the highlights of the fight here: [Lyoto Machida vs Tito Ortiz Highlights (Good FIGHT) #ufc #mma - YouTube].


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