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Moulinex Home Bread Baguette Recipe Book Pdf

French baguette with a crispy crust or Viennese bread with chocolate, delicious porridge with dried apricots or delicate cottage cheese? - Does it sound like a gourmet breakfast or a gourmet restaurant menu? Not at all.

moulinex home bread baguette recipe book pdf

Moulinex bread maker homemade bread and pastry recipes Moulinex bread maker homemade bread and pastry recipes French baguette with a crispy crust or Viennese bread with chocolate, delicious porridge with dried apricots or delicate cottage cheese? - Looks like a gourmet breakfast

Having a bread machine at home has a lot of advantages - first of all, of course, it is your favorite varieties of bread from quality ingredients. Especially, no matter how strange it may sound, the bread maker will be appreciated by those who diligently monitor the calorie content of food and are forced to limit themselves in many ways. It is in the bread maker that you can make not only bread from whole grain flour recommended by nutritionists, but also excellent bread without salt. And what a wide horizon opens up for fans of cooking experiments! And for beginners in the cooking process, such a unit is a very useful thing. After all, all that is required of the chef is simply to add the ingredients and start the program. Well, there is nothing to say about the aroma of freshly baked bread, which gives the house a unique atmosphere of comfort.

In addition, the baking of Borodino bread, traditional for Russian cuisine, whose recipe contains sourdough, brewed ingredients, rye flour and malt, is a definite plus of this model. Especially for those people who live abroad: alas, you cannot buy Borodinsky there, but dry ingredients are stored for a long time and can now be ordered in many specialized online stores.

The device comes with a non-stick baking container, which is mandatory for all bread makers. By the way, you can bake both loaf-shaped bread and a more sophisticated baguette. A distinctive feature can be called the presence of not one, but two "mixers" - with their help the same dumpling dough will be ready literally in 15 minutes. A measuring cup, a spoon with two ends (table-tea), a hook for removing the stirrers complete the package. Some users, for the first time faced with the fact that when taking out the finished dough, the "stirrers" stick to the bread, consider this a design flaw. In fact, this is not the case: the bread may not stick to the stirrers, and even if it does, it will not be difficult to get them out.

Also attached is an instruction with a detailed description of the device and the processes that occur in it, as well as dosages according to menu recipes. Borodino bread was singled out as a separate topic in the recipes as the most difficult to produce.

The Moulinex OW 6121 bread maker can be recommended for purchase by large families, where they often like to pamper themselves with pastries or use only special bread (for example, gluten-free or salt-free). The device can be safely attributed to home robotic assistants with a wide range of tasks. Even a novice user can easily cope with Moulinex OW 6121, and for the keen culinary specialist, the range of possible baked goods is almost limitless. It is worth considering only one point - is there a place in the kitchen for an additional electrical appliance.

The Moulinex OW 613 menu range includes 19 baking modes! White bread, French, whole grain, Borodinsky, no salt, baguette, Italian bread, bread sticks, pita bread, sandwich bread, sweet buns. And, of course, you can bake a cupcake, make jam, just bake something, and also quickly make unleavened and yeast dough or quick-baked bread. In general, the choice of programs is designed for the most demanding gourmet!

The extended complete set of the Moulinex OW 613 bread machine is also good news. In addition to the standard non-stick baking dish in the form of a loaf (which, by the way, is equipped with two stirrers), there is just a baking tray, two molds for making baguettes, two baking trays for individual buns. The set is completed by a standard set: a spoon with two ends (tea-dining room), a hook, a measuring cup. In addition to the above, there is also a culinary brush - a trifle, but nice!

The Moulinex OW 5004 XXL Baguette has added two original recipes to the usual functions for advanced bread makers (baking simple bread and muffins, kneading dough, making jam): Borodino bread and a French baguette. And if the Borodino loaf is baked in the main bowl, then special forms are provided for the baguette. The package also includes a special brush for wetting baguettes, a knife for curly cuts on them and a colorful book with recipes.

As always, I decided to start the test by studying the instructions and recipes. The latter pleased with the variety - the bread of the Mediterranean, Provencal, Mexican, Savoy, Dutch and even some kind of "bread of the times of the French Revolution."

I was also pleased with the abundance of baguettes: it was proposed to make them with sesame seeds, oatmeal, nuts, honey and even prunes. Also, with the Moulinex OW 5004 XXL Baguette, you can make dough for homemade pasta, noodles, dumplings, pizza, and bake pies, muffins and honey cakes. The oven prepares the yeast dough itself, and it is usually recommended to knead the unleavened dough in advance with a mixer. And, of course, the "compulsory program" includes Easter cake.

"Quick" bread: warm water - 285 ml; milk - 115 ml; salt - 2 tsp; sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l .; wheat flour - 640 g dry baker's yeast - 4 tsp (The recipe book states that fresh yeast should be taken three times as much by weight as dry yeast).

It is very fortunate that the amount of flour in the recipe is indicated in grams, and not in cups. During the test of the LG HB-156 JE bread machine, I have already come across the fact that, depending on the degree of compaction of flour, the error reaches 20 g per glass - quite enough to ruin everything. But there is a minus in such an approach - you cannot do without kitchen scales.

So, I prepared all the ingredients in accordance with the recipe and put them in the bread maker, following the recommendations: I poured water, then milk, then added butter, salt, sugar, poured flour and put yeast on top.

Meanwhile, the household demanded Borodinsky. I have not yet dealt with rye flour, but I read a lot and heard that it is very capricious and sometimes unpredictable. So it was decided to practice once again on wheat, but on an exotic recipe for potato bread with fried onions and herbs.

Both this and some other recipes mention gluten and other exotics. In the house, of course, there was nothing like that, in the store too, but at the forum of bakers I was told that in Moscow they are sold in a specialized shop at the All-Russian Exhibition Center. So for the gluten and rye malt necessary for Borodino bread, I had to take a ride at VDNKh. By the way, you can also buy ready-made fried onions there. It looks and tastes like ordinary chips, only a little sweeter.

Salvation came from the internet. Having entered the already familiar bakery forum, I asked who was to blame and what to do. Kind regulars wiped my virtual tears away and shared the truth: ready-made recipes cannot be trusted! And in return they offered to try another recipe, supposedly tested by generations. No three steps are needed. But you can't do without additional kneading and lifting. The rye choux pastry is very heavy, and does not have enough time allotted by the program to approach. In general, such a national Russian dish as Borodino bread is not given to foreigners to comprehend. As, however, and the mysterious Russian soul.

"People's" recipe for Borodino bread: malt - 4 tbsp l .; ground coriander - 1 tbsp l .; wheat flour - 160 g; rye flour - 320 g; gluten ("Extra-R") - 2 tsp; panifarin (rye bread improver) - 1 tbsp. l .; salt - 1 tsp; vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .; honey - 2 tbsp. l .; yeast - 1.5 tsp; water - 390 ml (of which take 100 ml for brewing malt and coriander); coriander beans - 1 tbsp l. (for sprinkling).

The next day, baguettes were waiting for us, and I got down to business in the morning. I carefully studied the recipe and was surprised to find that sugar was not mentioned in it. Again inaccuracy in the book. But on the forum I was assured that everything is in order, after all, baguettes are a national French invention, and Moulinex specialists probably know better.

I poured water into the container, poured salt, flour and yeast and placed it in the belly of the bread machine. Further, the book recommended choosing program No. 9. Stop, this is the "Borodino" program, I won't forget it for a long time! Inaccuracy again crept into the collection - a trifle, but unpleasant, especially for a beginner who did not bother with Borodino bread and will take everything for granted.

It remains to moisten the dough with water, as recommended in the instructions, and hoist the form into the bread maker. Pressing the "Start" button again, and the heating element began heating. After 46 minutes, I laid out of the mold on the table four smooth ruddy baguettes - exactly like real French ones, only small ones.

Moulinex OW 5004 bread machine test Most bread makers are almost identical from a functional point of view. But not Moulinex OW 5004 - it is not limited to rolls and muffins, but can bake a real French baguette.

The Moulinex OW2208 Pain Plaisir bread maker has the ability to bake a variety of bread products, among which everyone can choose a recipe to their liking. Particular emphasis is placed on healthy and dietary food - there are 3 gluten-free baking modes presented here. And thanks to the original recipes given in the cookbook, diet baked goods become delicious and unusual.

The Mulinex bread maker is truly considered one of the smartest among a number of similar devices, as it is modern in design and function, but it allows you to bake bread according to the same grandmother's recipes. Of course, the taste of such homemade bread cannot be confused with store-bought bread.


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