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Time Travelers Episode 6: Baby Universe Sub ((BETTER)) Download

The episode begins with Future Ted telling his kids that in April of 2013, he and the mother were very close and yet very far apart: He was living in West 82nd St; she was living at West 115th. She was getting a degree in economics; he was teaching architecture. He was always at MacLaren's; she was always not spending her time in a bar. She was also dating a finance guy named Louis.

Time Travelers Episode 6: Baby Universe sub download

At the bar, Ted is drinking beer when Barney walks up to their booth and tells Ted that they will be going to Robots vs Wrestlers: Legends. However Ted decides to pass as he has a big lecture tomorrow. Barney tells him that 20 years from now he will be glad he watched Robots vs Wrestlers: Legends but Ted is skeptical. Barney tells him that whenever he was to make a decision he asks himself if it will makes a good memory twenty years from now and he lets twenty-years-from-now Barney decide. He then asks Ted to close his eyes and when Ted opens his eyes he is shocked to see another Barney sitting next to him. Barney introduces the other Barney as twenty-years-from-now Barney. Twenty-years-from-now Barney calls twenty-years-from-now Ted, who convinces present-day Ted to go to Robots vs Wrestlers. As they are about to leave, they are interrupted by another Ted, he introduces himself as twenty-hours-from-now Ted and tells them they aren't going anywhere. He tells them that Ted will go to Robots vs Wrestlers which will be awesome, but he will get drunk, jump to the ring and sprain his wrist and smoke too much. Present-day Ted says that he won't drink then, and they are all about to leave again when they are stopped by another Barney who introduces himself as twenty-minutes-from-now Barney. He says that he has something important to say but is interrupted by present-day Barney who asks him about the stain on his shirt (which is revealed to be from Barney dropping a meatball on his shirt). Twenty-minutes-from-now Barney asks them to watch the door and they see a girl walk in. Present-day Ted doesn't recognize her, but the others tell him that she is the Coat Check Girl from the dance club they went to seven years ago. Present-day Ted says that he always meant to go back and get her number but he didn't. He walks up to her to talk to her but is pulled into a booth by someone. He sees two Coat Check Girls sitting there. He asks them who they are, and one of them tells him that they are 20-months-from-now Coat Check Girls (from two parallel universes), one who is obsessed with Ted and whom Ted is sick of, and the other is sick of Ted twenty months from now. He asks her why that would happened and she points out that he has been dating for a long time and it hasn't really gone any other way. He then looks at the present-day Coat Check Girl, who walks out of the bar.

However, despite the apparently severe humiliation, Farnsworth immediately reminds everyone that the time skips are far more serious. Tate offers his assistance since he's the senior lecturer in physics at Globetrotter U. After some technobabble, it is concluded that the universe is doomed unless something is done soon. They are forced to leave the stadium when a time-skip puts them in the path of a charging elephant, part of the circus that takes place the day after the game.

Fry continues to try and romance Leela, stating a romantic bed in a closet is a time-proof shelter "cause when we're together in here, baby, time will stand still". Time skips and it's apparent she hit him and refused to join him in bed. Leela later complains about Fry's many flaws to Zoidberg, but due to a skip it is not shown. Zoidberg guesses it was boring anyways since after the skip he was watching television while Leela talked. Leela summarizes that while she likes Fry's kindness and boyish charm, his immaturity is far too annoying. Zoidberg simply says, "you don't wanna end up old and lonely like Zoidberg" and breaks down in tears, but immediately recovers his composure.

Meanwhile, using the Smell-O-Scope, Farnsworth has located "time leaks" in the Tempus Nebula. He surmises that when the crew removed the chronitons, it destabilized the nebula, disrupting time throughout the universe. Tate summarizes that when the nebula bounces time particles on matter, bouncing basketballs on Benders head as an analogy, it causes dents, or time skips. He realizes that diverting a bunch of stars could redirect the time particles to the empty side of the universe via their gravity. Unfortunately, such an undertaking would take all of Earth's money, and months to build and install on the Planet Express ship. Thanks to convenient skips however, it all gets done in seconds of perceived time.

Farnsworth determines that Tate's math was utter nonsense since chronitons can't be moved. Meanwhile, time skips are getting worse with isolated areas moving forward decades. Luckily, the skips allows him and the best minds in the universe, which happen to be the Globetrotters, to come up with another solution quickly. Farnsworth suggests destroying the entire nebula but "Curly" Joe states that it would take out half the universe. "Sweet" Clyde suggests that they implode the nebula into a black hole, to prevent more chronitons from escaping. Tate hesitates, noting they'll need a Doomsday Device to pull off something like that, but the Professor simply responds by pulling six devices out from his collection, musing he could part with one and still be feared. Tate, elated, makes everyone in the room honorary Globetrotters, but, to his chagrin, Bender isn't there. In a final act of desperation Bender pleads with Tate before they leave, but is forced to admit he's not funky enough to be a Globetrotter.

Jad Abumrad: And then you see a humming bird wiz by. Clearly, they're moving at different tempos, but perhaps they're also experiencing entirely different universes of time. Do you ever wonder about that?

Once the buses left, it seems like the teenagers of New Ham became cut off from the entire world. Have they traveled back in time? Fallen into an alternate universe? Or are they test subjects in an exceptionally cruel experiment?

Although set in the same universe as Z Nation, Black Summer couldn't be more tonally removed from its semi-comedic predecessor. Each of the eight episodes in the first season is an incredibly tense, quiet, and almost real-time depiction of a small group of people attempting to make their way to the rumored safety of a local baseball stadium during the earliest days of a zombie pandemic.

After Whis explains why Beerus and Champa don't fight each other anymore, they discuss the details for the tournament. The rules will be the same as the World Martial Arts Tournament and will be in five Earth days on the Nameless Planet at 10 a.m. If Champa won, he will use the Super Dragon Balls to switch the universes' Earths. If Beerus won, he will give him the six Super Dragon Balls he collected but Beerus has to find the last one on his own. Goku and Vegeta join Beerus' team off the bat. They also select Piccolo, Good Buu, and Beerus wants the strongest fighter he's ever faced, who's not Whis. Gohan is suggested by Vegeta to fight because he has the highest potential but Goku doesn't want him to because he's focused on studying. Goku and Vegeta go back to Earth to get Bulma to invent a new Dragon Radar to locate the last Super Dragon Ball. After some time, Bulma creates a new Dragon Radar called, the Super Dragon Radar. Goku tests it out but it doesn't work where they are, at the edge of the universe. Bulma gets in contact with her sister, Tights, to get Jaco to go to Earth.

Bulma and Jaco then arrive on Zuno's Planet, where they are told they cannot go meet him because they haven't arranged a meeting, and that somebody else is already there. The other person there is an assassin from the universe, so Jaco defeats him. To repay them, Zuno agrees to help them. To show Zuno's knowledge to Bulma, and can actually answer anything, Jaco then kisses his cheek, (because that's how you get Zuno to answer question) and then asks what size Bulma's breasts are. When Zuno answers correctly, Bulma gets ticked off, that he was correct, kisses his cheek, and then can ask three questions. She accidentally asks if she actually does get three wishes, so that is one wasted, then she asks about the Super Dragon Balls. Zuno says that they were created around the beginning of time by the dragon god Zalama. He created them to be the size of planets, then he used a technique to make them look like stars from far away. And that they are scattered across the sixth and seventh universe. Bulma wastes the third ask so then Bulma and Jaco leave to go back to Earth.

Beerus and Champa rush over and bow down to meet him, and all the Kais then fly down to also greet Zeno. Zeno tells them that they were having the tournament without his permission so he came to warn the destroyers. Whis and Vados inform him and tell him about Beerus' and Champa's foolery (Beerus' eating and sleeping for excessive amounts and Champa's overweight, unwillingness to loose weight, and his disrespect to his assistant), and Zeno says that they now might need new Gods of Destruction of universe 6 & 7. Beerus and Champa scream, and Zeno says that he was just joking. He says that he was watching the tournament, and that he actually really enjoyed it and that he wants to do it again, but this time with fighters from all twelve universes. Goku then goes over and tries to talk to Zeno, but his servants stop him. Zeno says it's alright and Goku shakes his hand. Zeno then takes his servants hands, and leaves. Once Zeno has left, Beerus mocks Champa about how now he has the Super Dragon Balls. Champa says he doesn't care because it'll take a while for them to find the final one anyway. Champa yells at the Universe 6 team to hurry up so they can leave. Cabba runs over to his "Master Vegeta" and asks him when he would want him to visit Sadala. Vegeta tells him to not call him Master Vegeta, and then answers, "soon." While Hit is walking away, Goku runs up to him and asks when they can fight again. Hit then stares at him for a moment, and then walks off.


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